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Date: 9th November 2007

Location: Westbeach, Woolacombe

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    Paddle4Relief Gig

    The long awaited Paddle4Relief live music event featuring some of the‘best acts in the Wetscountry’ will be held on Friday 9th November atWestbeach Woolacome.

    Actswill include some of the Westcountry’s finest Singer/Songwritersincluding Hazel Sturt (the vocal style of Joni Mitchell and the chordsof Nick Drake), Chris Millington (songs from the sea, the past and theheart), Douglas E Powell featuring Nicky Green (his poetry in musicreally hits you on your first listen) and the highly acclaimed PeteBruntnell (the kind of songs that led Rolling Stone to hail him as ‘oneof England's best kept musical secrets’).

    The show kicks off at 8pm and ends at 12am.