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Date: 19th May 2007

Location: Saunton, N. Devon

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      Ladies Surf Day

      On Saturday 19th May 32 girls met at sunny Saunton Sands for a lesson (and Kath was our official photographer!). There were 2 beginners classes and 1 improvers class. Some of the beginners were first time surfers and others had tried surfing a few times, whereas the improvers could get to their feet but most needed some guidance after that!

      We’d come from all over the South West and Wales to be there for the day.
      A crew of 9 came from Exmouth Boardriders Club (Plymouth Uni), 4 came from Wales, 4 from North Devon and 15 from the Exeter area.

      There were 4 members of CS involved in the organising of it; Kath (CS N Devon), Roo (CS Exeter), Jen (CS Wales) and myself (CS Exeter) but the vast majority of the people who came for the lesson were not Christians. It was not an official “outreach” event; we all just invited our mates for a great day in the surf. (My kind of outreach ;)

      It was a pretty chilled affair; we all met up in the car park at Saunton for a hot chocolate at 10am and contemplated the rather large and messy waves. The absolute beginners didn’t seem too daunted and they all did fantastically despite the conditions. We had 4 instructors from Sarah Whiteley’s Walking on Waves Surf School and at 11ish headed into the powerful white water.

      Croyde had been red-flagged so 2 other Surf Schools arrived at Saunton with minibuses full of learners – Saunton was awash with lessons! It’s a big enough beach to cope with those numbers though; so we all just spread out. There weren’t many (if any) free surfers out in the waves that day. But in fact, we were pretty blessed with the conditions all round; there was enough power in the white water for everyone to catch waves; there weren’t loads of free surfers whose way we might have got in and it was gloriously sunny!

      After a two hour lesson we hung out for lunch at Saunton. By all accounts everyone enjoyed themselves. Several people camped for the weekend and we hung out a bit more in the afternoon and evening and even went for a couple more surfs on Sunday (either side of a great service and lunch at Croyde Baptist).

      We’re already talking about a next time and there’s a few things we might do differently; nothing’s decided yet, but we might not have a lesson next time; just meet for a surf. Also, a BBQ after the surf might be a good idea for next time – maybe the CS North Devon guys would serve us by running the barbie?! (Not mentioned that to them yet, just throwing a few ideas out…!)

      All in all it was pretty chilled, enjoyable and fun. Looking forward to the next one!

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