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Date: 6th - 7th October 2007

Location: Rest Bay, Porthcawl

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      UK Pro Tour Welsh Open

      Major surf comp is being held at Porthcawl Rest Bay Sat/06th + Sun/07th
      October.  As per link alot of the biggest and well known surfers will be
      entering, from the likes of  Alan Stokes,  Llewellyn Whittaker and Sam
      Lamiroy.  This event is part of the BPSA Tour and first time at Rest Bay !
      We have been asked to help if poss at the event... To help with Runners, 
      Judging, Marshalling and anything else that we can help with.  As we are
      not running the event there will be time for a sneaky surf aswell !
      This is a major opportunity here for us in Wales to serve the surfing
      community,  So we are after if atall poss a team to help at this event.
      It does clash with the JSC Longboard but as on our local beach i had to
      say YES.
      Below is link re comp and also mail which we as CS East Wales received when i offerd our services...
      Can you let me know if are able to give a w/end or afternoon to help. Phil J