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Ripcurl Boardmasters

The 2007 Ripcurl Boardmasters it has to be said was one of the best Boardmasters so far, with some great sun most of the time, and some good, consistent waves right the way through, particularly with the offshore winds on the Saturday.

As in previous years, Christian Surfers UK had a presence and witness at the event through a team setting up and working with the organisers, as well as having a stall right in the centre of the trade village for the whole week, and once again helping to set down the event.

This year’s team came from as far a field as Australia (big thanks Kim), Swansea (Dan and Naomi), and of course the traditional Nailsea crew of Phil, Nick, Pip, Zoe. In addition, we were joined for portions of the event by some of the local crew, Sarah from Nailsea and Miranda from Swansea.

So many great things happened during this year’s event, and we were really convinced that God was guiding us on a daily basis. Some of the highlights was the opportunity to pray over the event and bless the festival each day. A big thanks to the Sports Vision and organising crew, Dave and John in particular, along with the PA commentators Anton and Nick for allowing us to do so. Also there was an opportunity to premiere the Bethany Hamilton movie at the Source Café, with over 50 non-Christians showing up, many of whom bought the movie and took away a Surfers Bible. A truly inspirational story and we hope we will be doing more of these during the autumn.

Most of the team were sleeping on the floor in Newquay Christian Centre, so a big thanks to them for hosting us, and Liz Williams for organising our day to day bits and pieces.

On most days the crew got up at 6am for some early morning dawnies, although sometimes by the time we all got together it was nearer 7am (blame it on the girls)! We got great waves and had an amazing time of building relationships, not only with the organisers, but also the stall holders, and in particular some of the guys from Surf Punx clothing and the Belgian Chocolate Fondue stall. 

From the gallery you’ll see we had a great opportunity to share in a very visible place, as well as to help look after some of the international pro-surfers on the tour, in particular Will Tant who came over and once again was hosted by the crew.

We really do believe that God was building relationships and sowing seeds throughout the event.

I would like to say a huge thanks to the team for being so willing to once again work hard throughout the week - and I know that God was blessing them.

I am really looking forward to next year’s event, and would love to see some more of the local crew showing up as I really do believe that its an amazing opportunity to witness for everybody involved.

A huge thanks to all the volunteers and those who acted as our hosts - and particularly the guys at the Green Room Cribbar Cafe Fistral - thanks guys, God bless you.

Random Photos

Rip Curl Boardmasters 2007 362 (Medium).jpg Rip Curl Boardmasters 2007 428 (Medium).jpg Rip Curl Boardmasters 2007 346 (Medium).jpg Rip Curl Boardmasters 2007 544a (Medium).JPG Rip Curl Boardmasters 2007 621a (Medium).jpg Rip Curl Boardmasters 2007 669 (Medium).jpg Rip Curl Boardmasters 2007 664 (Medium).jpg Saturday Good waves (Medium).jpg Friend of the week (Medium).jpg Kim Aussie Chilling (Medium).jpg