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Date: 3rd - 5th August 2007

Location: Woolacombe, N.Devon

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    Creationfest 2007

    This year’s Creationfest turned out to be the biggest, and probably the best event yet.  More people attended and there was by far the biggest skate park yet to be built for the festival.

    The great thing about Creationfest is that, whilst being hosted by Calvary Chapel in the UK and supported hugely by the U.S, the number of local churches also involved continue to increase.

    This year during the festival well over 200 people gave commitments to become young Christians for the first time, which is just an incredible number. I know they’ve been followed up, wherever possible, to ensure that this is not a “one off” event in their lives.

    As far as the role of Christian Surfers UK is concerned, we always have a presence with a stall, which Creationfest are good enough to lend us, along with our brand new feather flags. A number of our Christian Surfers guys in North Devon are also heavily involved in the festival - both in the organisation and helping out as volunteers.

    In addition, both Chris Lannen and Gareth Dix were MCing the cafés, and Narrowpath also played a couple of gigs during the festival.

    Action on the skate park was pretty insane, with Jud really firing on the Sunday when the wood had finally dried up after a bit of a wet start! 

    We would encourage you next year to get involved, come along, and volunteer and just see what God is during through this festival.

    A big thanks to Phil Pechonis and the organising team for putting on a great event and allowing Christian Surfers UK to partner with them during this.

    God bless.

    Random Photos

    CS Feather Flags Errin Starnes band Narrowpath rocking the Surf Cafe The travelling boyz from Ireland ( Well USA & Aus ) The CS Stall Narrowpath plus 'Joe' guesting