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Date: 10th - 12th November 2006

Location: Lahinch, Ireland

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    CS Ireland Gathering '06

    Second Christian Surfers Ireland Conference
    Lahinch, November 2006

    The weekend of 12th –14th November saw the second holding of the CS Ireland Conference.  The previous one took place in March 2003 in the North of the Country, so we decided to come down to the home of the John McCarthy’s and his surf school. We set up the Conference in a couple of houses half a mile from the beach, just what we needed with the weather that we experienced.

    As the organisation for this event took shape it became clear that it would be a key opportunity to share our faith with both members and non-members who have a passion to reach Christ from all over Ireland.

    People travelled from as far as Portrush, and Letterkenny, on the North Coast, Belfast and Dublin in the east, and Waterford on the South, as well as the local crew.

    The weekend consisted of worship lead by the Irish Crew, with teaching from Phil Pechonis and Dave Matthews. The Conference theme was John 7:37-38, “If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.” It is fair to say that everybody present (including children up to 30!) were touched by God on an individual basis by attending the Conference.

    There were opportunities for ministry and also an opportunity to look back at Christian Surfers Ireland’s past, and look forward to the future for 2007.

    Phil W was able to share about Christian Surfers International, and some of the visions for Christian Surfers UK and Ireland.  The focus then shifted to how things could be done differently in Ireland with the likelihood of Ken Harris, the long-term leader, and his family moving to Australia in March 2007.

    I believe Christian Surfers Ireland has witnessed some of the most amazing examples of God being at work.  I also believe God has got a great plan with regard to the leadership of CS Ireland, with Steve and Lesley at the helm, as they have been in joint leadership with Ken over the years.

    We are very excited at the thought of having some outreach workers based at Lahinch this summer, perhaps doing a few surf lessons to cover their living expenses.  More details will be put out about this in the near future, but please pray for a ‘beachhead’ to be established.

    Unfortunately quality surf for the weekend didn’t really materialise, with howling onshores and driving rain for the whole time!  However, just for a laugh, everybody went in and got some sort of a wave.

    There are some beautiful areas around Ireland, and some of the crew visited the cliffs of Moher, some of the highest cliffs in Europe, which are an amazing sight to see.

    I am so grateful for both the old and new members who made this weekend in Ireland so inspirational and am grateful to God for making this possible.

    Finally, a big thanks to Steve and  Lesley Boal and all the organising crew, as well as John Mc for hosting us in his hometown.  I firmly believe that this will develop into an annual event and God has got an amazing plan for the future of Christian Surfers Ireland.

    Finally many thanks to all those who joined us from the UK including Stu and Sandra from Woolacombe, and obviously Dave Matthews and Phil Pechonis for their teaching.  Thanks also to Katie and Sean from South Africa who also attended.

    Praise God for such a great god inspired and led weekend - Phil W

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