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Date: 22nd July 2006

Location: Porthcawl

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      CS Wales - Porthcawl Carnival

      On Saturday 22nd July CS East Wales took the (infamous) CS marquee to the Porthcawl Carnival. As well as a stool and info boards we were also able to borrow an Indo Balance Board from one of the local surf shops (we'd gone prepared to pay for the hire of the board and we were offered a free loan for the weekend!). The balance board proved to be a great hit and drew in the crowds. We ran a competition to see who could balance for the longest. The winner managed 12 minutes 43 seconds - which was amazing especially as members of the CSEW crew only managed about 2 minutes max, despite practising hard whenever there was a free moment!

      This proved a great oppotunity to be part of the community, and many discussions were had. On Sunday CS Wales led the service at Grace Church in Porthcawl, and in the afternoon we even scored a few summer waves.