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Date: 1st July 2006

Location: Porthcawl, South Wales

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      CS Wales Womens Surf Day

      Twelve girls gathered on Saturday 1st July at Porthcawl, South Wales to receive some high quality coaching from Anne Gallager and Paul Dowey.
      The girls; a mixture of ages and abilities all with a passion for surfing arrived at 7.45am bleary eyed and bushy tailed ready to trek the 20minutes to perfectly formed waves! Thank you God for sun and swell!

      After a prayer committing the morning to the Creator, the surfing got under way. There wasn’t one girl who didn’t feel she’d improved, whether she needed that bit of confidence or tips on perfecting backhand wave control. 

      Anne and Paul kept everyone in check; paddling round us all keeping us motivated and progressing. After 3 hours the last few sun kissed faces exited the water with a mixture of satisfaction, excitement and exhaustion. It didn’t take long to find the ice-cream van in the car park!
      Well done to the girls for giving it your all, keep up the good water-work! Thank you to Anne and Paul for your time and expertise. Most importantly praise God for enjoyable surf and new friendships formed.

      Photos will follow once developed

      Regards Jenny Dowey