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Date: 17th - 22nd September 2006

Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil

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      CS International Conference

      CS International Conference 2006, Brazil

      A team from Christian Surfers UK and Ireland Phil Johnson, Paul Andrews, Kath Patten, Sara Traynor Steve Boal, John McCarthy and Alan Mayers and Stevie Oliver, Katie Giles and myself joined approximately 150 Christian Surfers leaders from around the world at the 7th International Christian Surfers Conference at Ubatuba, Brazil.

      The main conference took place between September 18th and 22th, and was preceded by four days of intense meetings of the Leadership Council, attended on your behalf by Phil Williams.

      The Conference, as always, was an inspiring time.  Members from the Traditional CS countries Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, USA, Brazil, Peru and UK, were joined by some exciting emerging nations such as Bali, Japan, Venezuela, Costa Rica and Holland.

      It was hosted by our brothers in Brazil, and we say a huge thanks to them.  It was certainly an amazing conference and the MC was previous WCT competitor Jo Jo Olivencia.  It was great to get to know Jo Jo, really top bloke.

      One of the most exciting things for us was that it coincided with the launch of the CS Bible in Portuguese, and this is an amazing addition to the range of Surfers Bibles in French, Japanese and, of course, English.

      This year’s theme was “Ground Swell”, and it looked mostly at the gathering groundswell of the Christian Surfers network to reach the surfers of the world.  The main speaker was Mitch Anderson, a YWAM missionary in Chile for nearly 20 years.  This was a tremendous opportunity to get to hear and meet Mitch and his great family.

      It was very disappointing not to see Mike Cotton, Liselle and John Culatto for whom travel plans had to be changed at the last minute which prevented them from joining us.  However, it was a good showing from the UK and I believe we all returned very excited about what God was doing, and can do to reach the Surfers of Europe.

      Hopefully over the course of the next few weeks there will be more articles on the website highlighting the various aspects of the conference, so keep checking the site, and watch out for the pictures which should start appearing later today.

      Thanks once again for your prayers - it was really appreciated.

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