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Date: 22nd July 2006

Location: Exeter

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    Life on the Beach - Exeter Catherdral (Creationfest Skate/Music Roadshow)

    It was a glorious day; like a mini-festival in the heart of the city. The Cathedral Green is a great natural gathering point and hundreds of people spent the day listening to bands and watching the skaters. Band-wise, Universal Royalty,5 brothers from New York played a great rap set. They were followed by Erin, a singer-songwriter from North Devon, who played some lovely acoustic-y songs. Phil Pechonis, Universal Royalty and Erin all shared their faith with the people who were enjoying the show on the Green.

    Ultimate Royalty told of growing up in New York when their father left them, leaving their mum to bring up 7 children on her own. They spoke of God's faithfulness throughout this time. Their mum, their 6th brother and their sister were all there on the Green with them; they'd all come over for the 5 week trip to the UK: primarily to play at CreationFest and Love Bristol. Erin and Ultimate Royalty played several times throughout the afternoon and then joined together at the end of the day to sing some worships songs which were fantastic to hear blaring out over the Green.
    Skate-wise, it started slowly with only Phil's son on the ramps, but the word quickly got round and soon there were 15-20 skaters on the ramps. There were some impressive tricks; one guy had put a chair in the middle of the ramp and was easily jumping over this every time. Later in the afternoon, there was a skate comp for 6-12s, 12-15s and 15-18s with new decks as top prize. One guy broke his decks in two; I'm not sure if he was the winner of new ones though!
    Jenny, her friend Tash from Swansea and I were on the CS stand; it was great to have several visitors come up to chat to us throughout the day. From a Swiss family wanting to know the best surf-spots in Devon and Cornwall, to a couple who were over the moon to receive a Surfers' Bible each. One woman knew some of the Dutch guys who were at the National Conference recently; they'd told her to hook up with CS during her visit to the UK; it was great to meet her and her friend who was also a keen surfer.  Other people I chatted to were; a woman who was into kite-surfing and wondered if she'd be welcome at CS - I said yes, definitely!; some young kids who hung around the stall a lot, one of which started reading the Surfers Bible and asking questions. In the end I ended up playing tag with the kids and they decided to drench us all with their pump action water pistols! Nice. Jenny chatted to several people too; she said that at one point there was person after person coming up to her. The visitors were mainly at the beginning (midday-ish) and at the end (4-ish). In the middle of the afternoon most people were enjoying watching the bands and the skating.

    All in all, a really good day. - Sara Traynor

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