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Date: 15th - 16th April 2006

Location: CS Tea & Coffee

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      BPSA Contest, Croyde

      BPSA Croyde event 15th–16th April 2006

      Christian Surfers UK partnered with the British Professional Surfing Association (BPSA) and other key sponsors to be involved with the first BPSA tour event for 2006, The Salt Rock 2006 open.

      We were invited by the organisers Dave and John to run the BBQ, and supply teas and coffees to the officials and competitors. The CS crew showed up from around the country and had a brilliant weekend. Home made cakes were supplied by the local Croyde/Georgeham Churches.

      The surf whilst on the small side, continued all weekend much to the relief of all involved, especially the CS crew who were invited to ‘bless the event’(Pray over the event) on Easter Sunday morning.

      Phil and Rob were joined by Liselle and the South African crew from London, Dave and Pippa from South Cornwall, and the North Devon crew.

      Mike and Michelle Cotton had been busy helping Martin Pierce from Salt  Rock set up the ‘field’ overlooking North Croyde by building steps for the competitors and lending their Land Rover for judging at low tide.

      This was a brilliant opportunity to build on relationships with the ‘elite’ surfers from around the UK and Ireland and ‘serve’ throughout the weekend.

      The gallery shows a few photos from the event, which was won by Toby Atkins from Australia, in the men’s event and Shauna Ward from Ireland in the girls open event.

      CS were able to give away copies of the Surfers Bible, talk about the work we are doing in Sri Lanka with the Tsunami victims, as well as sharing our faith to any one that wanted to chat.

      Next stop on the tour is Thurso (North Scotland) this weekend, on Sunday and Monday 23rd and 24th April. We are planning to be at the event with the CS Scotland crew, but are keen to support this from South of the Border as well – If interested get in touch with Ben Hobbs ASAP on 07833 335182.

      This weekend was a real answer to pray as we helped out with the crew from BPSA, Salt Rock, Sportsvision and Fosters. Thanks for all those that helped on the day and prayed for the event.

      For more details on the BPSA tour check out the website on :

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