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Date: 1st April 2006

Location: Hutton Moore, Weston-S-M

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      Jesus Jam Skate Contest

      Jesus Jam 2006

      On the 1st of April 2006, Decoded ran the first ever Weston Super Mare Skateboard and BMX competition.
      Despite the forecast of heavy rain we prepared for the event, completely trusting in Gods provision.
      The day went better than could be imagined as our faith was rewarded with gorgeous sunshine and clear blue skies, despite the fact that it was raining half a mile away on Weston's sea front!

      Invaluable help was given by Phil Pechonis of Christian Skaters and members of Christian Surfers throughout the event and preceeding it.

      Around 45 competitors entered in either Junior or Open categories and roughly 300 spectators crammed around the Hutton Moor skate park eager to watch some extreme exploits!
      There was an atmosphere of excitement throughout the event, coupled with a real gratitude on behalf of the riders toward Decoded for organising the event.

      After the last heat Phil Pechonis, mounted a ramp to present the gospel boldly to the surrounding riders and spectators alike, twelve of whom were compelled to respond and give their lives to Christ
      Each person that responded took with them counselling packs explaining the importance of Jesus Christ death and resurrection.

      At the close of the day not one person had been injured(too badly!), and many competitors were complimenting our workers on a job well done.
      The trophies - pots of limited edition Jesus Jam - were awarded to the winners, we thought this appropriate considering the name!

      The day was a complete success and I thank God for his grace that as Paul wrote 'He so lavished on us' (Ephesians 1:8), for His Holy Spirit was present throughout the event.
      I pray that the seeds that were sown through our witness, in all who were present would grow and come to bear fruit, and that Jesus Christ would continue to bless us as we plan for Jesus Jam 2007.

      David Garbett

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