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Date: 26th - 30th July 2006

Location: Bristol

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      Love Bristol Festival

      Love Bristol Festival Report
      July 26-30 2006

      Christian Surfers UK headed up the extreme sports zone at the inaugural ‘Love Bristol Festival’ in Hengrove Park on the South side of Bristol, over the 26th – 30th July.

      The Festival aimed to give something back to what is one of the most deprived areas of Bristol and up to 600 Christian volunteers gave their time freely to take part in four days of community action.

      In addition to the community service projects, Phil Williams, Director of Christian Surfers UK, had been asked to head-up an extreme sports zone based around the Hengrove Wheels Park.  This involved organising 5-days of action with skate demonstrations from 2 travelling groups of professionals from the States. On Thursday 27th US Pro Rich Moulder and the Apostle Skate put on a demonstration at Withywood, Bedminster, and Hengrove skate parks. 

      The day culminated at Cine World with the UK premiere of the skate outreach movie “Kaleidoscope” and the showing of the surf movie “Noah’s Arc” to a full house. The prizes were also given out - which included a brand new wet suit, and signed Skate deck.

      The highlight, however, was what followed the film showing, which can only be described as “amazing”.  Rich Moulder, one of the “stars” of the film shared his faith, talking about what God had meant in his life, for about 20 minutes after which he invited the local skaters to make their own personal commitment to Christ.  Over thirty people (Yes more than 30) both young and old, made the decision to become Christians. A real blessing to us was that that number included some of the local crew from Nailsea with whom we’ve been working alongside for a while as part of the Nailsea Community Skate Comp.

      We are now planning to link these guys up to local contacts in Churches and we just want to say a huge thanks to God for this tremendous response.

      On Saturday 29th skate pros Judd Heald and Jared Lea came to the park and despite the fact that Jared was still recovering from an ankle op, both skaters put on an amazing display which culminated in Judd doing a complete 360 aerial off one of the half pipes.  Only 3 - 4 people in the world can do this move, and the crowd were completely stoked at seeing it.  This again provided an opportunity for faith sharing, and Judd not only grabbed the mike, but also grabbed the attention of the many on-lookers, as they are pretty cool guys to listen to.

      Sunday 30th was a chill out day - with Jo of ‘180 YFC Bath’ bringing her ramps and doing some under 12 sessions.  The rest of the ‘Love Bristol Festival’ opened up to the whole community on this day.

      Christian Surfers UK were privileged to be invited to be involved with this event and want to thank the Festival organisers for giving them the opportunity to support the great work going on in South Bristol.  We believe that lives can be changed, and evidence of this was seen during these four days – A huge thanks to God for answered prayers.

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