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Date: 14th September 2012

Location: Boardroom, Porthtowan

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    Christian Surfers Porthtowan are hosting a fundraising event, showing the award winning film, Somewhere Near Tapachula.

    Somewhere Near Tapachula is a truly inspiring story of love, life and hope. Set in Tapachula, Mexico, this documentary looks at the horrific childhoods of 45 kids, their new life at Mision Mexico, and the exciting future of following their dreams.

    It also focuses on the unique surf community that they have pioneered in Tapachula, a coastal city with no other wave riders. To these kids the ocean is not just a place of fun, its an escape from what life used to be.As well as showing the film, there will also be a raffle and hopefully an auction too. It will be 2 to enter and doors will open at 7/7:30pm. All the money raised will go to Mision Mexico, who run the orphanage in Tapachula.

    To see a trailer of the film here's a link -

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