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Date: 1st - 2nd October 2005

Location: Porth Rush, N. Ireland

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    Walk On Water Competition 05

    Brother and sister, Mike and Nicole Morgan take the major prizes at the 2005 Walk On Water surf competition, hosted by Christian Surfers Ireland.

    With surf predictions giving 20ft swells and 45mph onshore winds, this weekend was not going to be one for the faint hearted. Thankfully the winds
    dropped to the 20mph range and with the surf 4-6ft at East Strand the contest was definitely on.

    This year's event had the added attraction of having pro surfer Matt Beacham in attendance along with a huge 'indoor' skate park housed in a 36m x 12m
    marquee complete with pro skater Ray Barbee and the Apostle skate team from
    the States. Local skaters and BMX flatland expert Peter Hollinger joined in to thrill the huge crowd.

    With a small army of Christian Surfer members and volunteers, refreshments were served all day in the main marquee along with a barbeque in the evening. At night the live music was provided by Ray Barbee (who also did the soundtrack for the surf film Sprout) followed by a showing of the surf film Noah's Arc, presented by Mike Doyle and the team from California.

    In the water, the open surf competition saw Mike Morgan conquer the difficult conditions and beat Kieran Scullion into 2nd place with Howard Robinson coming third and Jim Lenfosty 4th. Howard also claimed 'best wipe out' of the day when he was smashed with a powerful lip and pummelled backwards into the churning white water.

    In the Ladies, Nicole Morgan (Current BPSA tour leader) dominated and ran out winning with Amy-May Garvey 2nd, followed by Tahlia Britton 3rd,
    Shauna Ward 4th, and Kathryn Lyons 5th.

    In the Longboard division Willie Dempster claimed the title ahead of Stevie Burns, Daniel Gow and Paul Le Fondre.

    In the bodyboard section, Brian McAuley and Seamas McGoldrick won their heats respectively but in the final were beaten by Shane Meehan, who ran out
    winning ahead of Martin Kelly, Brian McAuley, Seamas McGoldrick and Jack McCaughan.

    The U16 division was taken by Colin Murphy, followed by Ashley Ward, David Bannen and Ryan Doherty.

    There was a great festival atmosphere all weekend with many of the competitors making use of the entertainment in the main marquee. On Saturday night, as part of the prize giving, in what will go down as an evening to remember, numerous t-shirts and dvds, and a Troggs skateboard deck, were
    freely given away. Also congratulations to Patrick Murphy, Lahinch, who won
    a Westbay surfboard, in the free raffle.

    Christian Surfers Ireland would like to thank the following for their support of the surf & skate festival:

    God - without him none of this would have been possible.

    A&R Marquees - Armagh
    Adventure One surf & ski - Letterkenny
    Alive bodyboard & surf school - northcoast
    Coleraine Borough Council
    Comfort Hotel - Portrush
    Durtz Surf School & shop - Benone Beach, Llimavady
    55 Degrees North
    Five-O skateboarding
    Hidden Cove
    Irish Surfing Association
    Lynas food service - Coleraine
    Mcatamney's Butchers
    Three Strands Cafe
    Troggs Surfshop - Portrush
    Westbay Surfboards - Portrush
    Woodies Surfshop - Portrush

    All the crew from 'Walking on Water' productions & Matt Beacham for the 'Noah's Arc' surf film, demos by Ray Barbee,
    the Apostle skate team
    & Peter Hoolinger (bmx flatlander).

    The team of volunteers who donated their time before and during the event.

    All who gave donations.
    Churches for use of equipment.
    Security provided by the 'Unchained Gang' (Christian bikers).

    The guys & girls who traveled from Christian Surfer groups in the US and the UK.

    Big thanks to all the crew from Christian Surfers Ireland for their continued support, prayers and work.

    Surf Contest results:

    1st Mike Morgan
    2nd Kieran Scullion
    3rd Howard Robinson
    4th Jim Lenfosty

    1st Shane Meehan
    2nd Martin Kelly
    3rd Brian McAuley
    4th Seamus McGoldrick
    5th Jack McCaughan

    1st Willie Dempster
    2nd Stevie Burns
    3rd Daniel Gow
    4th Paul Le Fondre

    1st Nicole Morgan
    2nd Amy-May Garvey
    3rd Tahlia Britton
    4th Shauna Ward
    5th Kathryn Lyons

    1st Colin Murphy
    2nd Ashley Ward
    3rd David Bannen
    4th Ryan Doherty

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