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Date: 24th - 2nd October 2005

Location: UK Destinations

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    Noah's Arc UK Film Tour

    The overall aim of the tour was to partner with Walk On Water from the States to premiere the Noahs Arc surf outreach movie in four cities in four countries in four days.

    The Walk On Water team, headed by Mike Doyle, were committed to bringing over one of the top surfers that starred in the movie, Matt Beacham, and
    some pro skaters, the Apostle Skate Team plus legendary skater Ray Barbee. In addition they also brought a band across for part of the tour.

    The tour went amazingly well - with so many people being touched both outwardly and inwardly through sharing the Gospel, or just working, surfing
    or skating alongside them.

    In London, which was always going to be a tough venue, the skate demo in the citys biggest skate park, Bay 66, turned out to be a "skate jam" with
    the skate pros just mixing with the young skaters during the early part of the evening, and then moving next door to the night club for the film premier. Whilst numbers were a bit disappointing - around 80-90 showed up, an incredible 6 of these committed their lives to the Lord - which we were just
    so blessed about. All have subsequently been followed up. Huge thanks to Andy Swift and the team for all the ferrying of the crew and airport collections.

    The following day myself and Rob Redfern, plus the team, drove to Swansea where we met up with the CS Swansea crew who did a splendid job in preparing food for everybody and gave us a great welcome. The skate demo took place
    at the skate park with a couple of hundred people watching. Again testimonies were shared by some of the skate team before we moved on to the
    theatre in the University Ground to watch the movie. We were amazed that over 300 people packed in to the theatre to view the film, listen to testimony from Matt and Mike, and to receive prizes which had been kindly
    donated by the local surf shops. Amazingly 35 new Christians made a stand that night, and again all have been followed up.

    Following a mad night of driving from Swansea to Bristol and London, we flew to Belfast on the
    Friday morning.

    The CS crew - now numbering 10 - travelled from Belfast to Portrush to join with the CS Ireland team to continue building the contest site. This included a 32m x 12m marquee, skate ramps and all the infrastructure required to run a contest.

    Meanwhile, the Walk on Water Team went direct to Dublin to do a show at Ramp City (city's biggest Skate Park). This went really well with around 20-30
    committing their lives to Christ, and 200 or 300 packing the showing of the movie there.

    By Saturday morning the contest site was ready and despite very blustery conditions the marquee was kept up by 1 tonne blocks of concrete. The surf contest got underway with the first heats in the water by 10am. By 6.30pm
    that night the surf contest had been completed, thanks to the hard work of so many people in touch conditions. Over 50 competitors - many of whom were Ireland's top surfers - took part. During the day, while the contest was taking place, there had been skate demonstrations, refreshments supplied by
    CS Ireland in the main marquee, and a flat lander BMX rider who had just returned from the World Championships and thrilled the crowds.

    Security during the nights was supplied by Irelands Christian Biker group, the 'Unchained Gang' - Big respect to these guys & thanks.

    That evening we were able to go straight from the end of the surf contest into the presentations in the marquee. Following this the film was shown and the Gospel was shared by Mike. Again many made a commitment to Christ.

    The whole tour was just an amazing success and we thank God for His provision of people, resources, the guys from the States, waves for the contest, and all the small details that are too many to mention.

    When I look back over the month of September it has probably been one of the
    most exciting months in the history of CS so far for me as National Director. Events happened in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, there
    was a fundraiser Paddlethon towards the Bali community centre. Coupled to that was a mission to Isle of Lewis, the Noah's Arc screenings and,
    amazingly we were able to surf in all five countries.

    Most importantly, I believe that nearly 2000 to 2500 people in one way of another heard the Gospel during this month through CSUK. This I believe
    was an incredible month of seed sowing - and it was amazing to see people make commitments, which have changed their lives ever. So, take time out just to thank God for all He has done, for keeping us safe, and really
    blessing us all.

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