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Date: 8th July 2011

Location: Fistral Beach - Newquay

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      CS Cornwall Gathering 2 - 2011

      CS Cornwall will be meeting up for our second prayer event, were we'll be meeting to worship and pray for the surfers of Cornwall. From there we will be separating off to pray over our local beaches. We hope to pray over as many beaches around Cornwall as we can.In a development to the original plan, we will now be meeting on the beach at Fistral. Christian Surfers have been asked to have a presence at the Nike Night Surf, which starts on the Friday night, so we thought this was a great opportunity to combine the two events.We now have the chance to be praying for the surfers of Cornwall right in the middle of one of the biggest surf comps in the UK this year, we will still then go to our local beaches to pray.