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Date: 20th - 26th September 2005

Location: Isle of Lewis

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      Isle of Lewis Mission

      The team consisted of 7 CS crew from a wide mix of locations
      Phil (Nailsea), Ben (Lossiemouth), Kath (North Devon), Stu (Thurso),
      Rob (Plymouth), Scott (Central Scotland) and Lee (Edinburgh).

      Conditions were best described as 'wet and windy' - extremely!

      Great time was had, as we were invited by the main youth worker on the Island (Jonathan), as a result of a meeting with a surfer (Greg) attending a Christians in Sport conf in Oxford! He also opened up his house for us all, amazing sacrifice as we left a smell of damp neoprene on our departure!

      We were only there 4 1/2 days, and in that time had the opportunity to share the vision of CS and our faith to over 400 youngsters (many non Christian)
      in 8 different groups on the Island, was interviewed at the Church of Scotland on Sunday and on 'Islands FM' radio.

      We were able to add a new dimension to the great work that had been going on tirelessly throughout the year on the Islands by Jonathan and the rest of the team.Surf was good but not fantastic due to the strong winds, but we met travelling surfers from South Africa, New Zealand, Israel, Germany as well as Scotland, England and the local crew from the Isle of Lewis. We also took some of the locals surfing on Sat PM.

      Great time of fellowship as we had a devotional each morning, attended a Bible Study and generally got on so well, as CS Scotland had there first 'Outreach' event. Gave away some Surfers Bibles, and DVDs.

      Loads of seals, rainbows and a very very rough crossing on our return.

      Just picked up the following quote from the website:

      "Last night we had a Christian Surfers presentation at the YM here in Lewis. I have to say I thought it was completely awesome and made me think of religion in a way I never have before (surfing Ive always been obsessed with - even though Ive never caught a wave). So thank you guys for everything and I really hope to see you again soon! Maggie x"

      Many thanks for your prayers -
      Great exciting time, really blessed in so many ways, look out for Lewis 2006!

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