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Date: 3rd - 4th September 2005

Location: Rest Bay

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    Porthcawl Tsunami Cup 05

    The anticipation of autumn swells spelt competition at Porthcawl.

    CS Wales East and the Welsh Coast Surf Club teamed up this autumn to host the latest weekend comp in aid of the Tsunami Relief effort. Over 35 surfers entered into Rest Bay's fickle waters to thrash out the first champions of this new annual cup event. A lack of surf on the Saturday meant a smallest wave competition and a beach footy penalty shoot out entertained competitors and beach goers alike whilst we waited for Sunday's promised surf. And arrive it did, with offshore winds providing some of the cleanest sets of the season against a thunder sky. Battle duly commenced in the longboard, junior and ladies categories with the open final on the high tide providing a dramatic finale to an intense day’s surfing.

    Man of the competition was local Rob Webster-Blythe who won the Junior event as well as coming second in the Open surf.

    Awards were presented by Brad Hockridge of “The Realm” surf company who also donated a funky Trick bike as the raffle’s star prize.

    Most importantly, this Tsunami Cup weekend was a fantastic opportunity to ‘silently’ witness to the local surfing community. In other words, to simply walk alongside others to support a common worthwhile initiative, in this case to raise funds to help the Tsunami hit region of Midigama in Sri Lanka. The clear and central presence of the CS marquee and CS members on the beachfront also provided valuable opportunities to talk to local surfers and passers by of CS, its mission and our involvement in the wider Tsunami appeal.

    Saturday nights live music and BBQ at the local Jolly Sailor was also a great way to chill out and dispel any of those fears of stuffy Bible bashing!

    The organisers are indebted to all those mentioned that helped make this such a fantastic comp, including the sponsors:

    On Fire
    Double Overhead

    Thanks to CS East Wales and any others that I have missed as well as Phil (CS National Director) and Annie Williams, Rob (CS UK Central Command), Alan (CS Ireland), Matt Crome (CS Wales West), who among the many from CS Wales East helped to judge, run, martial and score for the competition.

    Special thanks must also go to Porthcawl Coast Guard for providing rescue cover for the weekend and to Chris “the soulful blues” Andrews of Cardiff and the Local Porthcawl band "Stanley" for their generous and storming donation of live music on Saturday night.

    Total Amount raised: TBC but over £1500.00.

    Surf Contest results:

    1st Greg Owen
    2nd Robin Webster-Blythe
    3rd Chris Seage
    4th Craig Farnworth

    1st Robin Webster-Blythe
    2nd Max Tucker
    3rd Scott Richards
    4th Josh Hockridge

    1st Breige Lawrence
    2nd Leanne Blackwell
    3rd Jen Dowey
    4th Millie Tomalin-Reeves

    1st Time Aylett
    2nd Tom Cousins
    3rd Stephen Horn
    4th Mike Wilding

    1st Max Tucker
    2nd Josh Hockridge
    3rd Connor Hockridge

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