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Date: 4th April 2010

Location: Hot-Pipes, Brighton

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      Easter Paddle Out

      There is a tradition among surfers (especially in Hawaii),that when a surfer dies, they paddle out with those Hawaiian flowers, form acircle in the water, say a few words of remembrance and then leave flowersfloating on the surface of the water.
      The death of Jesus affords us that opportunity. But for uswe know it is not the end and we can remember in HOPE. Easter also affords theopportunity to go beyond just theology and doctrine (orthodoxy) to actualpractise (orthopraxy). The paddle affords us the opportunity to be theresurrection! To be the place of hope! For those who have a faith Jesus and forthose who don't it offers an opportunity to express and explore HOPE. It is agreat way to reflect on the loss of loved ones and/or just loss (hardships etc)and yet be inspired towards HOPE.
      So do come along Sunday 4 April, 7 am at hot-pipes (Brighton)
      HOPE to see you there.
      bring some flowers that you will release in the water asremembrance for those who have died, for 'death' experiences/grief and for easter.After we'll share words of remembrance and hope in the water...
      Also booked a volleyball court good friday 10am at yellowavebeach complex for an hour...come and join us