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Date: 13th March 2010

Location: Tubestation, Polzeath

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      CS Cornwall Gathering

      On Saturday 13th March at 7pm we are holding the first CS Cornwall gathering of 2010. It will be at the Tuebstation, Polzeath, North Cornwall.

      We will be meeting on Saturday 13th March at the Tubestation in Polzeath.

      There will be food served at 6pm - please can you reply to me by Wednesday 10th if you would like food to help the guys with catering. We will be asking for a 3 contribution for the food (chili, baked potato, salad, garlic bread and orange juice) If you are vegiterian please let me know so we can cater for you also.

      We will be aiming to start the meeting at 7pm if you are unable to make the food.

      There will be worship and testimonies, updates from the CS groups, a focus on mission for 2010 and prayer.

      There is an opportunity to stay over on Saturday night to attend churchon Sunday, you can sleep on the church floor or park your van in the car park, please just let me know before hand.

      Ifyou have a testimony of the work of Christian Surfers in your group oryour life, and would like to share it in the worship time please let meknow.

      The cafe will be open all day, showing the rugby - Francev Wales at 2:30pm and England v Scotland at 5pm. There will of coursebe the opportunity to surf together, pray for waves!

      Looking forward to seeing you all there, and bring anyone along who might be interested in the work of Christian Surfers.

      Please contact David Renyard to confirm you would like food or any other information -