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Date: 9th - 11th April 2010

Location: Pembroke

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      CS Wales Conference

      Two weeks ago, around 40 of the welsh tribe gathered in Pembroke for ourannual conference.  The aim of the timetogether was to just be a family together and recharge and re envision for theyear ahead. As a working title, we gave the conference a theme of “Learningto stand.”The Friday night talk from JohnnyHillustrated how we can all catch a wave, but what we diwith it varies immensely. We can do our own thing and head for the beach in thewhitewater, we can struggle to our feet and fall off,or we can practice and spend time in the water and end up going where the wavegoes and be in the pocket. Maximum stoke, maximum reward. Getting in the pocketof where God is going is the key to effective CS mission. Saturday dawned bright and warm with the Hillmans leading the dawny charge!!! (Hmmmm?). After breakfast Annie spoke on being Missionfocussed and How Jesus want to partner with us to be fishers of men. We had an amazing afternoon of chilling on the beach, massive eveningfire and quality fish and chips. Sunday saw the entire crew descend on Paul and Jens church in Neyland. Paul Andrews and Knoxyled us in awesome worship, James spoke about Gods faithfulness in his life andPastor Steve Lee delivered the totally spot on and ever amusing Sunday message.Thanks sieve for being such an encouragements and support. It was a really important time for us as CS Wales as we look forward tothe busy time ahead. It was great to remember that we are a mission organisation and we areall about taking the message of hope and full life to our beach and surfcommunity.  Jesus didn’t come to make bad people good. He came to make deadpeople live. Let’s remember that this summer, and bring life to all wemeet.