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Date: 28th - 30th May 2010

Location: Croyde, North Devon

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    Saltrock Open - UKPST

    With the swellforecast changing everyday leading up to the Saltrock Open, held atCroyde, we were all glad to see waves on Saturday morning. The eventstarted in small onshore waves and rain showers and gradually improvedover the weekend as the sun shone, the waves increased and the windswent offshore.

    With the conditions changing somuch day to day all the competitors surfed well with stand outs beingHarry De Roth, scoring a 9 point ride with three powerful back handturns on a bomb set wave. To most people it would have been solid headhigh, to 11 year old Harry it would have been massive! Other stand outsover the weekend were Russell Winter who made it clear he was there towin, getting the highest scoring wave (9.33) on his first ride. In theWomen’s event Sarah Beardmore showed her class and Tassy Swallowcontinued to impress. The surprise of the contest was Italian AngeloBonomelli, living in Costa Rica. Angelo reached two finals and won theRelentless money move for the best ariel.

    Christian Surfers have been at the Saltrock Openfor a few years running now, providing refreshments to the staff andsurfers and also running a BBQ. This year we were asked again to servefood and drink to the event staff and the surfers. It has been a greatway to serve the event and build relationships with all involved on theUK Pro Surf Tour. The BBQ was on overdrive all weekend and the CS Crewdid a great job keeping everyone feed and serving drinks.

    A big thanks to Mark Dennis formaking sure everything was in place on the ground. Also to Chris andSuzi for working hard all three days. A big thanks to Sam, Francesca,Lauren, Sonia, Andy B, Stevi, Andy, Jon and Mike for all your help overthe weekend. It was great to see local CS Crew and from different partsof the UK working so well together. We all hada great time at the eventand got some fun waves too.

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    Contest control.jpg Inside the CS Tent.jpg Judges.jpg Relentless Truck.jpg trophies.jpg Vans.jpg Harry da Roth - U12 Winner.jpg Tassy Swallow - U16 Womens Winner.jpg U16 Finalists.jpg Open Winner - Russel Winter.jpg