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Date: 15th - 30th November 2005

Location: 'A-Bay', Sri Lanka

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    Sri Lanka Trip, Nov 2005

    Tsunami Surf Relief UK (TSRUK), the organisation that helped co-ordinate the UK surfing communities’ response to the Asian Tsunami of Boxing day 2004, has made real impact on the East coast of Sri Lanka. The organisation is building houses, employing teachers and helping to build an orphanage and school.

    Phil Williams, one of the charity’s trustees has recently visited Sri Lanka to monitor the progress of projects funded by Tsunami Surf Relief UK. He found that the funds that have been raised through the generosity of the surfing community have been well used.

    ‘Returning to Arugam Bay in November 2005, 9 months on from my previous visit, it was encouraging to see the community making real progress in re-building their community. The local people are so grateful for the assistance given by organisations such as TSRUK. By meeting the people, and seeing the money raised by the UK Surf Industry, being put to good use, made you realise that all the hard work put in by so many was worth it. We can never reduce the emotional pain felt by the stricken community, but our money is going some way to make a real difference to the lives of many in the Arugam Bay area.’
    Phil Williams
    Surf Relief UK is now a registered charity. Having experienced the generously of the surfing community organisers realised that there was potential to raise further funds for other projects. The Charity aim to start raising money for existing and new projects at its next Surf Relief Day on April 8th 2006 at Fistral Beach Newquay.

    ‘The money we have collected is a lasting tribute to the funding raising efforts of the surfing community. 95% of all money donated has been used to fund our projects and we hope that we can continue to support needy causes in the future both in the UK and abroad acting as the UK’s surfing charity’
    Dave Manley (TSRUK Chair)

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