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Christian Surfers UK

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Date: 26th - 28th March 2010

Location: Dundee, Scotland

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      Christian Skaters Conference

      Want to reach your skate community?

      -The conference would be a great place to get inspired and encouraged in embarking on a new project or mission.

      If you are part of a church that wants to reach the skate community in your local area then we can help you.  We certainly donít have all the answers, but with well over 50 years of combined skate & youth outreach experience, we can give you the advice and ideas to get started in meeting the needs of your local skate scene.  Following Jesusí example of identifying the needs of a community, and then setting out to serve that community by trying to meet those needs, we believe that doors will open to share His great message of hope and truth.


      The conference will be held at an excellent facility in Dundee, the Factory Skate Park

      Weíll be starting on Friday evening, and continuing until Sunday lunchtime.


      Check out the website for more details on Christian Skaters UK, and to register your interest for the conference