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Date: 4th - 5th July 2009

Location: Brighton

Website: click here

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      Paddle Round the Pier ( Brighton )

      For the first time ever Christian Surfers are very excited to be having a stall at the huge 'Paddle Round the Pier' event in Brghton. Over the course of the 2 days they are expecting 20,000 people (Weather permitting)

      It is still a great fundraiser for charity, and in the last 2 years over 40,000 has been raised - A great effort by the organising team

      A big thanks to the organisers including Dave Sameuls and A1 (David Somerville) for making this happen.

      Our local contact Trevor Gerhardt, will be heading it up, but is looking for a small team to assist at the CS Gazebo. If interested give an e-mail on

      Should be a great weekend. Phil

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