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Date: 31st - 1st November 2009

Location: Porthcawl, Wales

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    UK Pro Surf Tour - Porthcawl

    This years UK Pro Surf Tour has been anadventure, not knowing exactlywhen or where the next contest willbe. A big thanks has to go toAXL/DOH, one of the UK's biggestdistributors, for making this eventhappen and taking the Tour toWales for another year.

    The reports whereshowing horrendous winds and rain for Sunday so it was decided to runthe whole event on Saturday, which saw a building swell providing 2-4ftwaves and changeable conditions. With the year coming to an end and thetop ofthe Ratings looking super tight there was a lot to lose and gainforthe top five surfers.

    Christian Surfers where invited to serve theevent by providing teas and coffees and refreshments to thesurfers andstaff members and with the running of the events. We also where able toprovide our newly purchased events trailer, which madea great base forthe tabulating and commentary team, giving a goodtest for futureevents. Myself and Phil Williams where also on the judging panel, so itwas great to see Christian Surfers able to serve and support the eventin all areas.A big thanks to the Welsh crew forturning out in goodnumbers to serve and support the event,especially to Johnny fororganising the team and his hospitality.

    With the conditions and peakschanging all the time as the tide pushed in, the surfers where facedwith some challenging conditions and had to adapt from heat to heat. Theeventsaw a return to form from two surfers, Oli Adams and JohnnyFryer, with Oli taking the win after a difficult year due to illness. Itwas clear form Oli's emotional winning speech that it meant a greatdealto him. Johnny Fryer has struggled in the last few contests onthe Tour and it was great to see him find some form and surfed wellin the tough conditions to take second. Podium regulars Mark Harrisand Russell Winter took third and fourth with some familiarpowerful surfing. In the Under 16 division Leon Mansfield surfedoutstandingly to take the title.

    David Renyard

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