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Date: 18th - 20th February 2009

Location: Malmesbury Abbey

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      Malmesbury Abbey Skate Event

      Malmesbury Abbey Skate Outreach
      Christian Surfers are involved in a very exciting skate outreach in the 700 year Malmesbury Abbey.
      The Christian Surfers mobile skatepark will be built inside this amazing Abbey, on a bed of wood to protect the floor.

      The aim of the event is to reach out to the local community, through a mixture of Sport and music, with 'Collective' playing live during the event.

      The 3 day event will run from Wednesday 18th - Friday 20th February, to co-incide with the half term holidays.

      Christian Surfers are looking for volunteers to assist for the duration of the event (Although if you can only make one of the days, that would be fine)
      If you can assist in anyway, as Skate park marshalls, or assisting with the cafe, or building relationships with the local youngsters then please get in touch with
      Phil Williams or ring 07774 138143

      The event culminates with a Skate Contest on Fri night . Should be an amazing opportunity