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Date: 6th December 2008

Location: Porthcawl

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      Tsunami Cup Wales

      Christian Surfers UK are once again playing a big part in the running of the Tsunami Cup, which is a charitable event for Surf Relief UK.

      The original idea for this competition started just after the South East Asian Tsunami          (December 26th 2004), when the Welsh Coast Surf Club, and Christian Surfers UK wanted to assist areas of Sri Lanka hit by the disaster and decided to combine forces to make a difference to these devastated zones.  Since then the cup has been run on an annual basis.

      All the proceeds from the event will go towards the work of Surf Relief UK, which is now focussing on the disabled and disadvantaged within the UK, as well as continuing the work in Sri Lanka.

      For more details contact Phil Williams - or log onto and Surf Relief UK.

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