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Date: 25th - 2nd November 2008

Location: Tynemouth, Thurso, Portrush

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UK Pro Surf Tour Triple Crown

7 days, 40 hours of driving, 2033 miles travelled, five locations surfed, 40-50 mph winds, hail, snow, horizontal rain and an amazing adventure! We had it all on the first two stops of the UK Pro Surf Triple Crown, sponsored by Quiksilver and Roxy.

 Our first stop was Stockton-on-tees where George had offered to put us up for the night and where Luke Diamond of Nineplus would join the party for the weekend. Due to heavy traffic we ended up getting there pretty late but the journey was soon forgotten when super host George, came out with dinner all ready to go.

With only half of the Tynemouth event finished by Sunday afternoon the next call was for 10am at Skirza, a sheltered harbour east of Thurso. This meant an 8 hour drive through the evening to get to Thurso in time for the morning. Thankfully Stuart and Suzie from Thurso had offered to put us all up for our time in Scotland. After picking up a few supplies and a BBQ we set off for Skirza on the East coast only to arrive once again at a flat sea, The next call was for 12o’clock at Gills back on the North coast, so we took a quick visit to John O’Groats for a hot chocolate get our photo at the first and last house. We arrived at Gills to see a fairly good wave breaking over the reef so the call was to start the mens North East event here. Stuart, Susie, Simon and John set up and got the BBQ fired up and I joined the judging panel in the warmth of the van! The first heat got under way only to be called off 1 minute in after the first wave ridden sucked dry and the surfers turned round and paddled in. Once again we waited for waves and the surfers and staff huddled around the CS tent, keeping warm with a cup of tea. This was another great opportunity to connect with the surfers and UK Pro Tour crew. After 2 hours of waiting Sam Lamiroy, who had gone to check other spots returned with news of waves. So after a speedy pack down and dash across the coast to Dunnet Head, round 1 of the North East event was completed in the fading light.

 We waited again for the waves to improve, which instigated snowball fights, setting up in the snow and again everyone huddling round the CS tent drinking hot drinks and enjoying bacon butties. The waves didn’t improve so once again it was a mad dash to pack down and move to the next spot before it got dark. We found waves at Sandside, 30 minutes west of Thurso. The wind was so strong but there was a shelter reef that offer 4-6ft clean waves. So the guys huddle in the van with the urn and I judged the final heats of the North East event, in Scotland! The eventual winner was Sam Lamiroy. The presentation was held at a hotel in Thurso where Christian Surfers were given a very genuine thanks for our hard work and efforts over the past two days.

A big thank you to our hosts, George in Stockton-on-tee and Stuart and Suzie in Thurso. Also a big thanks to Simon and John for being so positive all week, despite the harsh conditions and lack of heating in the van and for working so hard. Christian Surfers also had a presence at the final leg of the Triple Crown in Ireland.