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Date: 7th - 9th November 2008

Location: TBA

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      Christian Skaters National Conference

      With just over 1 month to go, things are really shaping up well for the 2nd Christian Skaters Ministry Conference.

       Building on the success of last year’s conference, this year’s aim is to unite and equip leaders involved in ministry to Skate Culture (including Skate, BMX and Rollerblade/Inline Skaters)
      In addition to a packed Conference program with guest speakers from Europe and USA, the brand new Skaters Bible will be launched. This is an amazing resource, and copies should be available at the event.

       The conference will be held in the excellent facility at the Factory Skate Park, Dundee over the weekend of 7th – 9th November 2008, starting on Friday evening, and continuing until Sunday lunchtime.
      Booking forms can be obtained from Catherine Keen, or downloaded from  They should be sent, together with a £20 non-refundable deposit to Sutton Ramp Events, 25 Tate Road, Sutton, Surrey, SM1 2SY. Made payable to : The Factory Skatepark

       The total cost is:
      £55 for adults

      £45 for those aged 16 - 17 (but must be accompanied by youth leader or responsible adult)

       Over the last 12 months the skate community network has been working closely together in the UK to establish itself as Christian Skaters UK, which will bring numerous benefits to those involved in skate ministry. This conference will instruct and empower leaders and will continue to shape the development of Christian Skaters UK. 
      Spokesperson for the organisation - Phil Williams (Head of Christian Surfers UK), says:

       “We were amazed at the response to the event last year, as over 60 leaders from 6 countries involved in skate ministry travelled to the event. The development towards the setting up of the charity Christian Skaters UK, will continue to support both the work of groups as well as individuals. As a group we continue to see God do some amazing things through skate ministry, and we want to continue to envision both young and old in the UK, by seeing what God is doing with skate communities throughout the UK and Ireland. We are excited about the opportunity to hear of what God is doing further afield as well and are expecting leaders again to attend from South Africa, America and mainland Europe. We know God is changing lives through Skate ministry and we want to move forward with this ministry. This is a significant weekend, as part of that vision, a weekend full of praise, worship, fellowship, great speakers and opportunities to use the fantastic skatepark”

       If you want further details contact or log onto 
      We would encourage anyone reading this that is interested in skate ministry or knows of people involved in this ministry, to come to what we believe will be a very significant event in extreme sports ministry in the UK.

       Many thanks

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