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Date: 18th - 20th April 2008

Location: Pembroke

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      South Wales Regional Conference

      What an amazing weekend.....

      Its was decided to hold our first Wales CS conference in Pembroke where we had 37 attend for the weekend.

      It was great to see new and old faces come and join us and really relight our passion here in Wales, God really did turn up!  It was if everyone needed a touch from the ‘big fella’ in some sort of way.  We really focused on our vision and friendships, its not about being the best surfer, but the best surfer buddy to surf with!

      Paul Andrews and SA Mike lead the worship during the weekend, with guest speaker Steve Lee and Phil (National Director) sharing with us. It’s totally amazing what was gained from the songs we sang and the words that were shared.

      The surf was good on the Friday, small on Sat, but nice for Sun, following the church service in Pembroke where again we shared our vision and Paul/Mike rocked with 2 worships songs. The church were so blessed and the youth really enjoyed what we shared.

      We really have a passion here in Wales to share our faith with the surfing community and are looking forward to God pointing us in the right direction as he is the wind in our sails.  Everyone came back from West Wales with a buzz which made it really worthwhile and encouraging for all.

      Thanks to Jo Johnson for all the hard work that went in behind the scenes, Paul A and Mike A for leading worship, Steve Lee for sharing and the legend Johnny Hilman for being Johnny!

      Keep praying for Wales – Phil Johnson

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