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Message for Gareth G
12th July

Hi Gareth G - Good to hear from you, if you want to connect with the crew in the Porthcawl area just e-mail Phil J at - They would love to hear from you

Gareth G
3rd July

Hey, just wondering if there were any christian surfers out around porthcawl? me n my mate are starting to get into surfing after watching that riding giants documentry. Anyone seen it?

21st June

I think God might be doing something new. Please prayerfully check out and use the search function for posts related to surfing. Also check

Mark Davies
19th June

I'll be over at St Andrews in july attending CLAN. Staying at East sands so I'll be taking the boards just in case ! Fully support the forum idea Ben.

16th June

Hey - Jimbo and Mark - good to know there are others out there in Scotland. I'm so inspired after a few days in Polzeath. Jimbo, I stay in town if you want to hook up?

Ken Harris
15th June

Whats up with CS Ireland website??? what are they up to???

Ken Harris
15th June

HI Tory,, Hope someone got it touch with you. there is a group both in Ireland and N Ireland. please contact Emma at .... tell her Ken H sent you. All the best

Ben Hobbs
12th June

Hey Oli, If you catch this b4 or during revamop then a forum type message board would be great and maybe readers waves (oi!) section?

Mark Davies
27th May

Hey brisaac I stay out on the west side (Helensburgh ) mostly surfing Maccers.Everybody well spread out up here not like chokka down sarf.

Sarah Anne
24th May

Hey hey...check out this amazing online christian surfers - ENJOY!

Tory C
21st May

Hey i was wondering if there is a christian surfers group in N.Ireland? Would be good to meet some other like minded ppl where i live. Cheers for any info, Tory.

20th May

a HUGE thank you to everyone who came down to help and support the Bude Surf classic. was ace to see you all even if not such savey conditions, really appreciate it!

19th May

I stay in Edinburgh. If you do a search under "surfing" or "missional expression" on you'll get a flavour of my thinking...

17th May

Yo yo, yeah i'm at at pease a bit like... coldingham more often tho... come to belhaven a bit too but mostly with school kids... you stay in town?

11th May

Does CSUK have a Scottish presence? Are there others who'd like to hook up and surf and fellowship at Belhaven or Pease Bay? Wondering about how to live our faith outside of church walls and on the beach?

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