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Susan Barter
7th November

Tried to sponsor Phil's no-shave, but the link doesn;t seem to work?

Surfers Against Sewage
19th October

Did you know you can now keep up to date with Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) on Facebook?

Mark Davies
15th October

Sounds like a plan.

10th October

Let's arrange to meet next time you guys are on the East Coast. My church leadership are supporting me in being a catalyst in gathering surfers who just want to live transparent lives in our community. More info on my blog at

Mark Davies
29th September

Yes Way ! And theres another surfer at my church in G'head. Drop us a maily at Good news man.

Colin Rettie
24th September

FAO Mark Davies,brisaac, Helensburgh, no way! I am also in Helensburgh and drive 3hrs to Macc or 2 hrs to Bellhaven etc, I would be interested in meeting up on either side.

Mark Davies
17th September


9th September

If you surf in Scotland could you sign Surfers Against Sewage's latest campaign to help clean up God's creation? We need 500 participants by next week and are almost half way there. The link is here:

FAO James
12th August

Where do you live, as Brighton in the Summer tends to be really small. Let me know Regards Phil

FAO Katy
12th August

Hi Katy - Gower picks up as a general point a bit less swell, but still pretty good. Will be small till it picks up on Sat and into Sunday, with onshores. All the best Phil

12th August

S.Wales tips... As an inland dweller normally go to n.devon puts etc. Wandered if receives similar swell? If so where is good to go...Gower? Need to decide by tomorrow, but lack of surfy friends brains to pisk! Thanks!

James Lawlor
30th July

Hey, me and a friend want to get a first surfing lesson somewhere in a couple weeks. Does anyone have any suggestions? Was thinking Brighton, as I know someone there. Thoughts?

FAO Bronte
26th July

No worries Bronte - Just get in touch directly via or 07774138143 and I will explain more. Regards Phil ( National Director )

22nd July

hey, Im Bronte. Im coming down to the Jesus Classic in Croyde in september, just wondered whos going? I wanna get to know some new people :) I feel so awkward writing this message as I don't have a clue who reads it or anything but I guess I have to start somewhere. haha :)

Gareth G
16th July

sweet, thanks man

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