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17th August

I really aprpecaite free, succinct, reliable data like this.

17th August

Well done atlrice that. I'll make sure to use it wisely.

17th August

Check that off the list of tinhgs I was confused about.

7th August

Hey Ryan, Me and my flat mate are keen but pretty basic surfers.... we are in Nottingham just now and are wondering about the best and nearest surf spots? any ideas? and sure... if u can offer a lift, let us know when ur going and we cn get thru to sheffield... :)... PC

12th July

Hey everyone, I'm a Sheffield based Christian and east coast surfer. Just wondering if there are any keen Christian surfers in Sheffield that ever need a lift to the east coast? If so please feel free to get in touch, Im always keen at the weekends if there is a swell! Ry

9th June

If anyone knows of surf retail or industry related employment in Cornwall, please let me know. Kind regards and God bless!

FAO Karl
9th February

Yes we hope to have a contact in the area very soon, as one of the CS Wales team is moving up within the next month. e-mail on for more info. Thanks Phil

3rd February

Hi Guys Hi its Karl from Scunthorpe I surf regularly up at Scarborough with my son Jazz. Will CS UK have a contact near Scarbourough any time soon. Ding tha Devil and bless yous all. Karl

4th January

i was just wondering what your views are on the environment because i am doing a speech in my RS and i want to get different angles on the environment. thanks

windy sid
10th December

yo to all yall water wheels of time, hey just a thought, need a bit of encouragment, i need to to know if anyone is truely suffering for jesus and getting any real hate from the world like those in the bible?

michaela benz
9th October

I was really interested in the surf judge course but only discovered it today. will there be any others in the future?

26th September

I am STOKED BEYOND BELIEF to discover that The Surfer's Path have dedicated a full page to an article I wrote! Check out the Agree to Disagree section on page 130 in the 80th issue!

22nd July

Hi, just wondering if there is a Christian Kiteboarding group?

Jon Timms
23rd June

Awesome conference at the Tube last weekend. Great fellowship, worship, teaching, sunshine and even a wave or two!!

message to Tory
14th June

About the CS Bournemouth group, e-mail me at for more details. Thanks Phil ( National Director )

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