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18th May

hi, im in oz travelling at the moment from byron to noosa surfing every spot i can find, would be great to do it with any christians out there who are in the same boat as me..if so please e-mail me on

15th May

got a job in the Reef cafe wooo :) VERY exciting, such an awsome answer to prayer. minor prob nowhere to stay. If anyone knows of anywhere i could rent a room for the summer in Newquay or as close to as possible that would be awsome :). please let me know.

Gaz Dix
11th May

Well done Phil on 2nd place your always a legend in my book. what happened to chelsea this year - tee hee!!

5th May

Hi there. I am moving down to Brighton and keen to meet other surfers who love Jesus. Is there a Brighton group?

Oli S
1st May

new LOCAL section coming on the website soon...

Matthew Ebenezer
30th April

Hey does any one know about any meets in the llanelli area??

Emily McGrory
30th April

This is a really cool website and I love surfing and being a christian!

27th April

Hi Team, Hope all is well. My name is Will and i am a christian surfer in Brighton. I work for Ocean sports company in Hove and we were wondering if it is possible to add us to your link page as we are the biggest on-line surf retailer in the south. William

24th April

Hey, I am a surfer living in Staffordshire/West Midlands and looking for some surf buddies or a surf club in my area. Any ideas?

24th April

Phil Can I get 50 surfers bibles for the school regards colin

16th April

Good to find such a site. Is there much activity in Alba ? I stay in Helensburgh . kindest regards.

Beached Whale
16th April

Hi Phil and all, was on the coast by Banburgh castle/Farn islands the beach is stunning and the waves looked great, don't know how surfable it is.

Don Thomas
16th April

Hey guys, I joined CSUK last year through a standing order (I think). My subsription ran out in December and I haven't had any info about whether it has been renewed through my standing order or whether I need to sign up again? If you could let me know that would be great. Blessings

15th April

hey!im from cork,Ireland and been on the irish CS site but is it still in operation?Rly keen on finding out more on events,missions,groups etc in my area!

5th April

Hey all, I'm from Phillip Island Aus' My sister and I are coing over your way to visit family in Belfast and check out the sites. Would love to meet some crew and get some waves.

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