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Matthew Greenley
4th September

Hey, how’s it all going? I'm new to CSUK - Just wondering if anyone from the North London Area was heading down this weekend and wanted to share the journey? Just give me a shout

Luiz Balioli
3rd September

Hi brothers, I`ve been at Conference with Brazilians guys and I put in CS Brazil website about the Jesus surf classic, Check in, there are some pictures about UK conference at "FOTOS" link.

Chris Cole
3rd September

cheers Phil. Would be nice to meet CS people anyways, as I'm coming down from Oxfordshire and there aren't many surfers here. Me and my mates will keep praying.

Phil Williams
3rd September

Jesus Surf Classic 2007 - Hi Chris, agree forecast is not that good, but believe God will provide the waves we need, keep posted on the website. Phil

2nd September

All the best for the comp next weekend... we'll be praying for a good one. CS Kiwis

Chris Cole
2nd September

what's happening with the Jesus Surf Classic this week, if the surf isn't up?

29th August

ahoy! just wanted to say hi from sunny south africa. keep up the good work! Keep ripping, brucehere

29th August

Hey Rae The Jesus Surf Classic is at Croyde on 8th and 9th September, no need for a ticket, just turn up and join in the fun. It's a pretty big event, attracts a number of top british surfers and the atmosphere is great. See you there!

28th August

hi, just wondering if you could tell me a bit more about the jesus surf classic- i'm not wanting to enter it, just spectate- are tickets needed, how much is it etc? thanks v much. rae

18th August

you being so christian and thinking that it is infallible, do you believe the world was created in seven days?

nora borggräfe
5th August

Hi! Could you please give me the email-adress of the christian surf cafe "contra corriente" from Chris and Elena Norris at tenerife, playa las americas? i can't find it anywhere in the internet! thank you so much!! nora

21st July

woah nailsea skate comp! what a day! i was in the 12-15 catagory and i enjoyed every moment of the day! a must for next year for me. Thanks to CSUK for helping out with the day!

Dave Neal
18th July

Just a quick message to say that the Christian Surfers UK myspace page has now got 725 friends! The skate video has been viewed over 3600 times! Check out Dave N

18th July

any idea if you will be haveing the black rash vests in this summer?

Laura van Coppenhagen
14th July

hey guys! Just thought Id send a message to say it was great to meet you this week and I think what you guysare doing is great!Id love to get more invlved with CS so i might be seeing you again! God bless, Laura van Coppenhagen

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