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18th December

Hi, i work with skaters (mostly bladers) aged between 14 - 22, mostly non Christians. just wondering what events might be suitable to get these guys along to?

Surf Skate Weekend
11th December

Hi James - Weekend will be in Newquay with a couple of Surf lessons and opportunity to skate. Keep an eye open for more details in the next month or so. Should be great Regards Phil Williams

9th December

hi, just wondering if anyone could inform me on the surf/skate youth weekend please? i know its a while off, but if anyone knows any info and could tell me it would be great. thanks

North East Conference
19th November

Last chance for any one wanting to go to the Christian Surfers North Conference this weekend. If interested ring on 07774 138143 Many thanks Phil

chris cole
18th November

anyone from London or South going to the North-East Conference? Thinking about going, but would be more fun going up with someone. Am based in Henley, nr Reading, an hour west of London. feel free to email a reply.

17th November

yessss so excited about CS conf bru its gonna be epic!x

Phil Williams
7th November

Hi Michelle - CSI Conf dates are 10th - 15th August 2008. Hope that answers the Q. More details on CS site soon

5th November

does anyone know what the dates are for international cinference 2008 in SA?

Phil Williams
17th October

Dear All - Having a great time near Tokyo, pray for a Jesus led next 3 days, as we pull things together globally. Many thanks Phil PS Wind has dropped tonight so we may get some clean waves in the morning

16th September

Hiya guys, Just wanted to ask for you prayers tomorrow night. CSJersey is having a vision night which we have opened up to all the churches in the island. Please pray that others will capture the vision/heart of CS & support us as we step out in faith. x

Rob S
16th September

hey everyone, for those of you who didnt know im currently in NZ doing a surfers DTS with YWAM. Just wanted to say hi and also in about a month we're going to be going to the NZ national conference. Does anyone know any of the CSNZ guys...? blessings, Rob x

Oli S
10th September

In response to the Guardian's article on the JSC, Christian Surfers is not a "recruitment agency for religion" - we exist to be a beneficial and Christian presence in the British surfing community. We do not believe in religion in the form of traditions and institution. Success is not measured by the number of people within a church building. Our surfing is made even more meaningful by our own personal relationship with the creator of the waves, and it is our aim to share this with our fellow surfers. God is looking for the radical not the religious.

8th September

HI am looking all over the website for the number to call for more info about the comp this weekend....please can someone help me out - so far I have only got through to a campsite - thanks

Ken Harris
8th September

Hi Guys Our prayers are for Gods will to be done in Croyde this weekend. from your Irish buddy on the Gold coast.

Liselle Wilsnagh
6th September

Hey Matthew, please check out my email address in the "Local" section, I head up the London Christian Surfers and I may be able to help you with a lift for this weekend. Liselle

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