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kev hogarth
1st November

Going to Isle of Wight next week for mission with Methodist church and Walk of 1000 Men, any CS guys over there who would like to help at Newport or with YP stuff please contact me, thanx.

Alan Johnson
27th October

Hi Trev, In Johns time the sea was seen as dangerous and changeable. A place where the Beast came from, see 13:1, truth is we dont know what the new earth will look like. But heh at least in Heaven we can skate.

27th October

Rev 21:1 Says"Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and there was no longer any sea". This is being to freak me out that I can't surf in Heaven. Can anyone give me some encouragement?

FAO Mats
2nd September

No contacts on that island. Please e-mail me though on ref Sweden

1st September

Hi uk surfers Anyone going to Fuerte corallejo in oktober 6 ? Any Csi surfers in the area.Somebody who knews? All the best from Mats whit family An old new surfer from the north of sweden.

Message to Kat P
29th August

We always use Ruda, not the cheapest but so convenient. Regards Phil Williams

Kat P
25th August

Hi have just discovered you! my daughter has just started surfing and is showing alot of promise we are hoping to bring her to the surf contest at Croyde does anyone know which are the best campsites to go to?

22nd August

hey guys do anyone have the email for the guys in holland as i met them at CS international conference and forgot to ask them. Thanks

6th August

Tubestation, the CS mission in Polzeath North Cornwall, requires a full-time seasonal cafe operative. Check or phone 01208 869200 for more. Please apply with a CV to

Oli S
30th July

Hi Guy, all nailsea skate comp pics are available at

Guy M
20th July

Yo. Thanks for another Awsome nailsea skate fest. It was Realy cool. Can you upload pics of comp.? Cheers !

14th June

Hey Scotland (poss N England 2). Need lift to the Nat Conference? Can take maybe 4 (size dependant) happy to convoy if there are more. Heading via A9 Inverness. Have roofbars. Thanx Ben

Peter W
13th June

Hi.. I've just moved over from South Afica and was part of son surf over there.. Was wondering if there are any meetings in the essex area?? Peace

2nd June

Hi, i was wondering if there was a chance that i could come along to some (if no all) of the events in the summer to help you guys out. Cheers and God Bless, Tehila

Phil Shearing
29th May

Is the National Conference in Devon a place for us to bring non members along to?

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