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Message to MAts
31st December

Great to hear from you Mats, please e-mail to our main e-mail address and we can connect again Phil ( National Director )

28th December

Just hi to all surfers in faith.A happy new year from the north of sweden and my hombreake, the gulf of bothnia. Thanks to Jesus for this year. My first as a sufer.. God bless yaall. Mats

FAO Steve Fry
21st December

Hi Steve - Watch this space, will hope to contact you early in the new year about Bristol ( National Director )

bristol cs
13th December

hi people any meatings coming around the bristol area if you can send me a message that would be great email me on ty merry chritmas see you soon !

12th December

Hi all Christian surfers and skaters have a great Christmas and a brilliant 2009 God Bless you all. A.J.

3rd December

Hi. Can someone give me some contact details for CS in Bournemouth please. P.S. I am visiting the Tubestation at Polzeath on Sunday (7th) so be nice to meet any of you guys that go there.

steve white
21st November

Hi Phil Williams, I emailed Phil Johnson a while ago but did not get a reply about East Wales :- (

waters cool
20th November

what is cristian surfers about

Hi Steve White
19th November

Hi Steve can you e-mail and phil will get back to you. Regards Phil Williams

steve white
17th November

Hi, can someone (anyone!!!) from East Wales contact me. cheers,

tony holton
14th November

hiya my sons now a christian surfer

14th November

When did you start Christian surfers uk and Where?

leon beckles
13th November

hey i was wandering where to watch the footage frm the comp at the factory skatepark in dundee coz me and my friends are really wanting to watch it:) so if u could get in contact with me it would be gr8:):) thanx frm leon and the boys:)

Sarah Anne
13th November

Woop, Woop! Any christians/surfers in Hull?

12th November

I'm doing a school project and i wondered if you would mind if I asked a few questions?My question is where do you meet? How often do you meet?when did you first start being a group of full on suffers and my last question is when do you meet?

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