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22nd May

perfect website

25th July

Hi Tom, good to hear from you. If you email me on I'll hook you up with the CS Newquay crew.

3rd May

Hello. I live in Newquay. I'm not a very dedicated Christian however, I do believe in God and that he is part of our lives. I'd like to meet Christian surfers and like minded people in/around Newquay as I don't have any friends here and feel a bit alone at times.

8th September

I was looking into some surfing course earlier this year! great to see there is a Christian one. Do you offer courses? where can I find info on cost? Look forward to hearing back. H

13th August

Hi Phil having moved to Bristol earlier this year so you have any suggestions how I could join s group to surf with and where it may be ? Feeling a bit lost without the sea and other likeminded surfers God bless ken Bishop

24th June

Hey Becky My only experience with art and our memeirshbp was at a conference a few years ago when we held a live auction. Many of the pieces were bid up beyond market value, so, yes, I would say that our constituents are interested is surf art with a Christian touch!

phil williams
11th February

Hi Bev, how is it all going in Scarborough ? Regards Phil

bev jones
9th September

hi .. any christian surfers in scarborough .. just moved here and want contacts please

Jonathan Mann
18th June

Hi all, I'm a surfer from kent and thinking of putting a surf trip to supertubos together. If any one is interested get back to me.

8th June

Hi does anyone know what time the thing in London starts on monday? I really want to go, but I'm working in the morning.. Cheers1

18th March

Hi guys, I am a Christian surfer from Northern Ireland and was wondering if there was any courses/missions that anyone knew of? Or if there were any Christian surfers who fancied getting together or even for a trip or something? Cheers!

Reply to Wayne
21st December

Hi Wayne, keen to chat more on your situation, e-mail me on if you want to chat. Regards Phil Williams ( National Director CSUK )

Reply to Robin
21st December

Robin - We can connect you with the guy you are referring to, e-mail me on Many thanks Phil ( National Director )

Reply to Rob
21st December

Rob - We can connect you with a few crew in the North West, e-mail me on Many thanks Phil ( National Director )

16th October

Hi all, looking for surfers in the North West (most terrible part of the country to live when you want to surf!!) There must be others and we can arrange a few trips... please email me at: Cheers!!

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