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CSUK National Conference ends in Glorious Sunshine and Perfect Waves!

27th June 2011

This years CSUK National Conference definitely had a great family feel, with more families and kids than ever. It's great to see the CS 'family' constantly growing and developing.

The Conference theme of Matthew 28:19, The Great Commission was brought to life by speaker Phil Pechonis, who brought an inspiring and challenging series of talks on what it is to be and how to be a disciple. The challenge was to be bold and persevere in our Christian walk and continue to hold out the Light.

We also heard about all the developments in Christian Surfers across Europe and Internationally. It was also great to formally commission Johnny Hillman who is setting to go part time for Christian Surfers UK to develop the training and pastoral support to the area leaders.

The other challenge over the weekend was certainly the weather! Friday evening evening and night was an all out down pour that left many campers running for their cars and wet in the morning. Saturday was meant to clear up, but never happened, with the missle hanging around all day. Everyone did a great job to hang in there and not let the weather spoil the mood. To everyone's delight, Sunday morning dawned in beautiful sunshine and the dawn petrol where rewarded with clean 4ft waves at Morthoe at 5:30am. By Sunday afternoon the trials of the weather where forgotten and Sunday felt like a real blessing and a fantastic end to a great weekend.

Next Event

23rd CSUK National Gathering
16th-18th June
Tubestation, Polzeath

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