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CS Europe - Visitation to France & Spain

28th March 2011

Christian Surfers Europe : South West France & Northern Spain Visitation

As part of my on-going commitment to visit the teams in France and Spain, three intrepid explorers from Christian Surfers UK set off from Stanstead to Biarritz in the week commencing 14th March 2011. The trip had a number of aims, one of which was to encourage the others on the trip to see the wider picture of Christian Surfers Europe, and I think that Dave Williams and Simon Cotter were given a great insight into the work in France and Spain. The next and most important objective is to talk and support the individuals involved in this ministry to see if there are ways through we can encourage and get resources from other areas to help out. The final objective is to start to pray and think about future events where we can work together across as well as within countries.

It’s fair to say that in all locations we were treated fantastically by the guys; Thomas and Dorte, and  Christophe and Mel in France, Chris and Megan in San Sebastian and also by the team in Gijon that consisted of Tania, Hiucif, Shane, Ruth, Andrew and Leanna. It was also great to meet pastor Eliseo in Gijon, a fantastic guy who is very excited about life and is also enjoys his new passion of surfing.

It was great to see the development of the surf hostel in Bidart and we really are looking for tradesmen who can help out for a few weeks or a week at a time, particularly bricklayers and carpenters. IF you can help at all in this, please contact Christophe Parenty on

It was also good to be looking at potential venues for some mad ideas we (Phil Pechonis & a few others) have about a sort of skate/music roadshow which may be talked about this year and perhaps will take place in summer 2012. Venues along this coastline have been looked at and will be discussed with the local crew. It was great to hear from Chris and Megan in San Sébastian that their programme of exchange students is now full with 150 participants and this is the first year that has happened so we thank God for his provision. Also pray for them, as their baby is due any time now.

Unfortunately, we were unable to see Joanna and Joseba in the Basque country due to a family bereavement but we are excited to hear that Joanna’s work is going well. In fact we are looking for potential English teachers in both the Basque country Olarrio as well as a part time post in Gijon, northern Spain. Again, if you fancy being an English teacher for however long, please get in contact with me and I will give you more details. This would be a fantastic opportunity.

As one of the ‘side-benefits’ of the trip, we also hooked into some great surf not only in France in Biarritz and some great waves at Guetary but we also managed to enjoy some waves with the boys in Gijon and on the way back scored a couple of ways at the legendary Mundaka. Dave and mine stomachs were still churning as the first 6ft set was about to land on our heads, as we were the first guys out so that was a special time.

In  Gijon, it was great to see Hiucif at work in his board shaping workshop and also to hang out at the skate park that had some interesting Christian graffiti all over it. We continue to pray for the team in Gijon and the support they have been to Tania and Hiucif.

We are very excited about the future for the ministry opportunities that are slowly developing in this area of mainland Europe, and continue to pray for all the initiatives.

We are also looking forward to visiting Biarritz for the Christian Surfers Europe leaders’ conference in May 2011. For further details about the work of Christian Surfers in France and Spain please do not hesitate to contact me.

God Bless


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