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3rd November 2010

Called to Prayer

To all Christian Surfers, and others ready this, I would ask you all to take time out to pray for the following three big prayer requests. All have come as a big shock, but for those that have a faith, I feel incidents like this should encourage us with the mission, to be part of the Surfing community, and to share our faith, and hope for the future. Be prepared to support people in ways in which you may not be expecting.

Last night in the UK (Tuesday 2nd November) the surfing world was completely shocked to hear of the tragic death of three times world surfing champion Andy Irons. Some details still not confirmed, but seems as though he died from complications arisen from catching Dengue Fever, whilst he was due to compete in the WCT ‘Search event’ in Puerto Rico.

He was found in his Hotel room in Dallas, whilst travelling back to Hawaii. Even though most of us had never met Andy, we all felt the loss as we have seen and heard so much of this truly talented surfer.

Andy who was married to Lyndie, were expecting their first baby in December. I would call on us all to hold the family, including fellow WCT surfer Bruce in our prayers, as this tough tough time.

In addition please pray for Abe Andrews who is our Chaplain on the men’s World Surfing Tour,  and Liselle Wilsnagh on the Women’s Tour, with the rest of the surfers in Puerto Rico, as well as the Hopgood brothers as many will be turning to them for support and comfort.

The second request concerns a good friend of a number of the Newquay Christian Surfers, and indeed members of CS in South Africa. Paul B, from Newquay sadly died in tragic circumstances a number of days ago, and the funeral will be today (Wed) at 3.00pm.

Matt Timms ended up leading prayers at the memorial paddle out on Sunday, and our hearts go out to the family and close friends.

And finally, please pray for CS friends Rich Hadfield & Ado Young. They are heading to the Mentawai Islands in Sumatra (Indonesia) to assist with the relief efforts following last week's devastating earthquake and Tsunami. Hundreds of people have been killed and many left homeless without food, water and basic necessities. They felt feel moved to go and help these people in their time of great need. The Mentawai islands are a mix of Christian and Islamic people groups and have a growing Indigenous surfing community.

They will be teaming up with other Indonesians who are organising transportation and the delivery of supplies to the region. They would greatly appreciate your support in prayer as we will face many challenges. We are hoping to raise enough money to cover the supplies we are taking such as water filters, medical supplies, food, clothes and our travel expenses. If you want to contribute to this please get in touch with me at

Thank you for bearing these topics up in prayer, keep the faith, and push on with the role God has called us to. Thanks Phil

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