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Report of the 16th CSUK National Conference

24th June 2010

CSUK National Conference – Brief Summary ‘What an amazing weekend’


Last weekend, June the 18-20th saw the family of Christian Surfers gather together at the amazing venue of the Tubestation Church in Polzeath for the 16th National Conference. A full report will appear as soon as the new Second Day Magazine is published, but a few headlines are worthy of note.


This year, from the feedback we’ve received, there seems to have been an amazing buzz around this Conference, and we felt that God was doing lots of work with us not only as individuals, but also as a group. All the ingredients were there with a top speaker in the form of Graham Daniels who heads up Christians in Sport, we had some beautiful weather, the Tubestation venue and all that goes with that, and we had some great waves. With all that, all we needed was for God to show up, and to inspire and encourage us in our own personal lives, and also in relation to Christian Surfers UK.


The gallery will soon be updated where you will see we had a great time, which culminated with over 250 people gathering for the open-air service on the Sunday morning. We really would encourage those who missed this years amazing weekend to pencil in next years dates, which will be June 24-26th at a venue to be decided.


Thanks to a great media team we are hoping to have Graham’s inspirational talks soon available on either youtube, or through the Christian Surfers website.


In summary then it was a fantastic weekend, one of the best we’ve had, and a big thanks to all those who contributed so much including all the Tubestation staff, Kris, Henry, Marta, Terry, and Dave and all those that travelled from so far to this great venue. In particular a big thanks to the guys from Holland, all 13 of them, who travelled for 15 hours each way just for the conference - true dedication, and we know they will be blessed as a result. Also thanks to Jono for coming all the way from Dublin, just to see what we are all about.


A big thanks to God the Creator who sent the weather, the waves, and who took all the ingredients and individuals and made it into an incredible, positive weekend which inspired and encouraged us to reach out to our surfing friends in the communities where we live.


Next Event

23rd CSUK National Gathering
16th-18th June
Tubestation, Polzeath

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