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8th February 2010

The 2010 Ice CUbe Classic, organised by South East Cornwall Surf Club, was truely blessed with 6-4ft waves and bright sunshine. The contest was held at Seaton Beach and Christian Surfers were invited to help with the running of the contest, providing judges, tabulation and time keeping.

The Ice Cube, is a grass roots contest, all about having fun and investing in the local surfers.

The contest kicked off with the team event, where seven teams of four compeated for an overall prize. One surfer from each team had one heat each, which was great fun for the judges! Not only did we have to keep our eyes on seven surfers at once, we had shortboarders, longboarders and bodyboarders in the same heats! The standard of surfing was impressive and everyone made the most of the perfect conditions.

Next three micro groms braved the shore dump to compeat in the u12's division.

The u16's was very hottly contested with the grommies showing off their skills in the great conditions. It was Ed Smith who came out on top with two excellent scores in the final. Ed made the most of the left hand peelers stringing together solid backhand snaps. Tas Knight came a close second, despite getting the highest scoring wave in the final, he was unable to back it up. The other stand out was 'P&O' Peter Loopstra, who showed a high standard of taditional and progressive moves on his longboard.

The contest was wrapped up with an expression session, where the judges were looking for the most progressive, stylish manoeuvre and the best 'POOMAN'. There were several impressive moves, but it was Tas Knight's fins free snap that was clearly the best. Ed Smith claimed the best 'POOMAN'

The whole day was a great success, with a solid community vibe that was a pleasure to be a part of. The Day finished off with a party and presentation down the pub.

A big thanks to all involved with the South East Cornwall Surf Club, Kris and Matt for judging. Also to Jen, Will and Luke from Plymouth for tabulating and Chris for doing a great job time keeping. Thanks also to James and Becky for your hospitality.


Next Event

23rd CSUK National Gathering
16th-18th June
Tubestation, Polzeath

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