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Report from Welsh Surf Championships ( May 2nd - 3rd )

7th May 2009

Christian Surfers Wales report on the welsh nationals (Freshwater West 2nd - 3rd May):
Another great weekend of sun and surf in the fine location of Freshwater West. That was the stage for the Quiksilver Welsh National Surfing Championships 2009.
After an early start on saturday morning, a good crew of CS Wales were up and running helping out the Welsh Surfing Federation with the logistics of this major welsh comp. Paul and Jenny Dowey of  CS Pembroke did a great job of coordinating and getting supplies which helped the event go off without a hitch.
Keeping the contest officials and judges plied with bacon butties and coffee, shifting tents and doing whatever was needed, it was a great couple of days and really good to see some of the faces we haven't seen since this time last year.
The event is always really well supported (not just by the sponsors) with crowds lining the cliff tops and causing major traffic chaos, so much so that Pembrokes two police officers came to the rescue.....
Saturday had great waves which weren't too messed up by the wind and the usual glare kept the judges retinas busy. One judge said " its great when christian surfers turn up, there is always sunshine and waves!" Amen to that.
Sunday wasn't quite so glorious, but the waves kept coming and some very hotly contested heats were battled late into Sunday evening.
A big thanks to all who turned up to help, and to Jamie, Eryl and Stu and Mark from the WSF.
Results as follows:OPEN
1. Lloyd Cole
2. Mark Vaughan
3. Rhys Morris
4. Steve Phillips

1. Beth Mason
2. Jo Dennison
3. Siwan Rees
4. Joanne McHugh

1. Greg Owen
2. Chris Seage
3. Tom Anderson
4. Lee Morgan

1. Simon Tucker
2. Brad Hockridge
3. Colin Bright
4. Andrew Pelosi

1. Mark Griffiths
2. Jack Hughes
3. James McGregor
4. Tom Hammett

1. Elliott Dudley
2. Huw Bentley
3. Martin John
4. Rob Webster-Blythe
5. Steve Horn

1. Josh Hughes
2. Tom Good
3. Jack Crisp
4. Adam Reimnitz

1. Gwen Spurlock
2. Olivia Jones
3. Mali James
4. Grace Roberts

1. Huw Bentley
2. Rhys Poulton
3. Will Pountney

1. Tom Good
2. Max Tucker
3. Josh Hammett
4. Owain Bancroft

1. Jack Davies
2. Dan Bresnan
3. Nathaniel James
4. Will Pountney

1. Max Payne
2. Aaron Bright
3. Ceiran Hughes
4. Owen Alexander

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