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23rd April 2009

On Saturday 18th April a committed crew CS Porthtowan volunteers made a big difference in their community by cleaning a small cove just west of the main beach at Porthtowan.

The cove known as Lushingtons is often home to amazing left hand barrels but as well as receiving some great waves it is a magnet for floating rubbish from the sea. Access by foot is only easily gained on a spring low tide but this didn’t deter us from cleaning up the masses rubbish.  Using the goat track that clings to the sideof the 200ft cliff we scrambled down to the cove, bagged 20 bin liners full of rubbish and then hauled it all up to the top and took it to the local tip.

The weather was amazing and the whole experience was good team building exercise not to mention a great way of serving the community.

As a little bit of advertising we “tagged”the beach in the sand above the high tide mark for all to see.

Thanks for all who turned out to help makesuch a difference.


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