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Report on Skate MInistry Conference

14th November 2007

Report on First UK Skate Ministry Conference

After around 12 hours travelling in the Christian Surfers “fun bus” with 8 crew members  from North Devon and Swansea we finally arrived at the Factory Skate Park in Dundee on Thursday night, 8th November..

The reason we took this mammoth road trip was to attend the first UK Skate Ministry Conference in Scotland, which I was heading up.

The weekend just blew our minds, as we had 46 leaders, not just from the UK and Ireland, but from further a field with representatives from US, Spain, Norway and Sweden.  We also met quite a number from the UK and Ireland who we had not previously met.

The feedback we received was very positive, and the most important thing about the event was, apart from sharing fellowship, networking and feeling there was a real family atmosphere, we also took a decision taken to form Christian Skaters UK.

This is a dauntingly huge task and we are now entering a period of action over the next few months to really begin to make sure that firstly the new Organisation is built on firm foundations and secondly it is built for growth with God very much at the head. 

We are so excited about not only what came out of the Europe side, but also the support we received from 5 representatives from across the Atlantic. Key support came from Christian Skaters US, two quality US Ramp Companies, and the Livin It foundation. These guys/girls have a huge amount of knowledge and are happy to share it.

Throughout the weekend there was some great worship and some amazing stories about how people became Christians through skate ministry and also ways in which we can connect with skaters, and above all the sense that God was 100% in this ministry.

Praise goes to God for His provision.

Please now pray as we begin to form an accountability board and a structure in order to get the movement up and running.  Please also pray that we might highlight key people to take this forward because clearly from my point of view I can only give a  limited amount of time.

Thanks for your prayers - an amazing weekend - and I hope some of the pictures in the gallery give a flavour.

A huge thanks also to all the crew at Factory Skate Park, and in particular to Derek Marshall for hosting it and also for Catherine who did so much of the work behind the scenes on the administration. 

I believe this weekend marked a new chapter as a new mission begins to take shape over the next few months.

God bless


Next Event

23rd CSUK National Gathering
16th-18th June
Tubestation, Polzeath

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