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English Surf Championships 2007

10th May 2007

This year’s English Surf Championships took place over the Bank Holiday weekend – 5th –7th May 2007.

The Event was one of the biggest in the UK with around 300 competitors in numerous categories, including Long Boards, Body Boards, Women’s Surfing, Open Surfing and Knee Boards.  As a now newly qualified ‘legend’ (over 45), I decided to enter the competition purely to be part of the weekend to see if there was anyway in which I could help, also to pick up ideas to build into CS Events, things that go well, and things that didn’t quite work out.

To cut a long story short, originally there was due to be a whole bunch of young people with my family, and me but in the end it was just yours truly!  As I left Nailsea on Saturday at 5.15am I wondered what on earth I was doing.  However, I can only describe the weekend as being an amazing time. 

I started each day in prayer asking for direction and ‘divine appointments’.  It was great to have no restrictions from a time point a view, and I just wanted to be able to serve and spend time with the contest community, building friendships with the organisers and competitors.

Over the 3 days it amazed me how many opportunities arose, several people asked me about my faith, largely due to the fact I was in the Christian Surfers UK van. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to talk to them about my faith and share my testimony.  I was able to hand out Sufers’ Bibles and copies of Noah’s Ark.

I was also able to assist the organisers, particularly with regards to judging the Knee board competition and spotting for the event, as the surf got bigger through late Sunday and Monday.

I met “random” people who had all sorts of links with other Christian Surfers and it was great to see how God had put these people in my way.  I also had some quality time with a number of CS Members and was able to discuss various options of getting more involved with CS in 2007.

For a full report on the Championships go to

By the Monday morning I was pretty stoked, I had had an amazing weekend and suddenly realised that I had to actually take part in the competition as well!  I was fairly chilled about the whole thing, and God was amazingly gracious, not only did I get the final of the Legends (for the first time ever), but I was also placed second. I was just super stoked for the weekend and drove back with a big smile on my face.

The moral of the story is just really to encourage you that sometimes when we are not quite sure what the future holds for us, we just need to pray for guidance, pray that even though we don’t know what’s going on, God will provide us with direction, through meetings and circumstances. Above all encouragements, just when we need them.  It was an amazing weekend for myself in so many different ways and a real blessing that God was gracious enough to answer prayers and once again show his strategy to reach surfers throughout the UK, Ireland, mainland Europe and the rest of the world through members of Christian Surfers.

Finally, a huge thanks to the organisers (Headworx, English Surf Federation, in particular, Paul Jeffery  Tony Goode, Anton and Ester Spears) for all their hard work in particularly tough conditions. A big well done also to Vicky Olobia, as she was one of the judges through out the event.

To all the CS crew, take the risk when you feel called, God won’t let you down!

Phil Williams


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